Animal Dual Stack Shoulder Press

  • Independent, converging arms for ultimate feel and maximum muscle fibre recruitment
  • Adjustable angle backrest for the perfect angle depending on your shoulder movement
  • 2 x 109kg weight stacks
  • Super heavy duty yet compact design & footprint
  • The ultimate selectorised shoulder press
  • Lifetime warranty



$3,500.00 $3,000.00



Sick of using shoulder press machines that just aren’t hitting the right spot. Look NO further!

Animal Dual Stack Shoulder Press is a great option for those looking to engage in dumbbell workouts. With this product, users are given the ability to perform more diverse exercises that promote cardio weight training, while still having maximum control and flexibility over their workout. The Animal Dual Stack Shoulder Press is also suitable for both home and commercial gym use, making it an ideal choice for everybody. Not only does the Animal Dual Stack Shoulder Press allow for a range of burning fat and cardio workouts, it also brings about a great sense of accomplishment when you have finished the exercise with precision thanks to the steering movement provided by the Animal design. This product is definitely worth investing in if you are looking to stay fit, healthy and toned!


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