Extreme Power Curl Bar

  • Achieves fuller bicep peak
  • Alters strength curve to increase load at top of movement
  • Revolving handles for even more intensity
  • Great used Freestanding or with Preacher Bench
  • Lifetime warranty




The Extreme Power Curl Bar is a piece of fitness equipment designed to give users the most challenging and successful workout. With a wide range of intense exercises that help build up muscle, the Extreme Power Curl Bar is made from high-grade steel that is strong and reliable, yet light enough so it can be easily moved from room to room or stored away when not in use. As well as being an excellent tool for those who are serious about toning and strengthening their muscles, it makes a wonderful addition to any fitness enthusiast’s home gym and can even be used in commercial gyms or for one-on-one training. Now on sale, don’t miss out on this terrific item!


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