Palisade Climber

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The TRUE Palisade Climber is unlike any other stair machine.  With the deepest step in the industry, the Palisade Climber feels both comfortable and secure.  Offering a premier double-braking system, best-in-class serviceability and versatile ease-of-use, TRUE’s Palisade Climber has been crafted to be rich in experience and easy to service.  An exceptional solution for your club.

  • Deeper steps than any other stair machine
  • Step-up assistance (rear steps, integrated side pegs, dipping handrail)
  • AC motor ensures durability, low noise, and smooth motion
  • Double-braking system for extra safety
  • Patented HRC® Cruise Control to maintain a target heart rate
  • Mobile device compatibility for charging and entertainment
  • Multiple console options to fit every user’s needs
  • Lifetime warranty on frame for commercial use

$13,500.00 $12,000.00



Palisade Climber for home is the perfect way to bring an outdoor adventure straight to your backyard. With Palisade Climber from Palisade Climbing Company, you can give yourself and your family the excitement of real rock climbing in a safe, controlled environment. Plus, Palisade Climber components work together to combine strong safety measures with a manageable challenge that’s suitable for all ages. After installation, you can invite friends and family over and provide them with a classic palisade climbing experience amidst a great conversation starter; while also providing the convenience of being able to stay comfy in your living room after enjoying hours of fun on the Palisade wall. Palisade Climber is perfect for those looking to have endless amounts of adventure right in their backyard.


ENVISION 16″ Console:

TRUE Envision 16 Console Display

The TRUE ENVISION 16” LCD TOUCHSCREEN CONSOLE (MSRP: $3,599) provides users an interface with a contemporary design and intuitive framework.  Exercisers can easily track their data, discover workout selections and enjoy integrated technology and entertainment.  With these options, a built-in cooling fan, and tablet holder at their fingertips, gym members will enjoy both exercising and your facility even more.  The ENVISION console home screen is customizable, add your logo to promote your brand, or deliver messages.  The console is compatible with Polar® heart rate monitors, and includes Bluetooth to connect to Apple and Android devices and apps, like Wahoo RUNFIT.  Envision consoles may be further enhanced with COMPASS®, TRUE’s revolutionary fitness software for full real-time asset management for all equipped machines. (See Brochure)




TRUE Envision 9 Console Display



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