Pivot Press

Atlantis’ C-201 Pivot Press is part of Atlantis’ Precision Series. The Precision Series is a premium quality product line that distinguishes itself from the competition with its outstanding comfort, durability, and performance. Renowned for its superior biomechanics, you cannot beat the sensation of working out on the Precision Series. The C-201 Pivot Press is a great machine for working your entire lower body. The pivot press has linkage arm guides pivoting footplate through unique self-aligning motion, lower footplates for great smoothness, a variable resistance design for optimal strength curve, and standard weight horns that eliminate the need for separate weight trees.

  • Linkage arm guides pivoting footplate through unique self-aligning motion.
  • Lower footplates and added handle facilitate entry and exit.
  • Pivoting design provides greater smoothness and is virtually maintenance-free.
  • Variable resistance design provides an optimal strength curve.
  • Standard weight storage horns eliminate need for separate weight trees.
  • Custom color options available
  • Full commercial warranty

$2,100.00 $1,900.00



Pivot Press is revolutionizing the way paper crafting projects can be mastered. Their latest invention, an all-in-one die cutting and embossing machine, the Pivot Press Atlantis C-201, is designed to quickly and accurately cut through materials of any thickness with its dual cutting plates. This innovative machine combines a rotary blade and an electronic platform for pressing various designs into card stock, cardboard, and other material to create amazing 3D projects without too much effort. The best part is that it’s lightweight, portable Even the most ambitious paper crafter can take this machine wherever their creativity needs to be!


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